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Neotec has strived to promote human health and developed a revolutionary new composition called Alpharium which has superior efficacy for the human body.  Alpharium has been integrated into various living products for human health such asHealth shoes, Diabetic shoes, and Golf shoes, advanced Foot health, Shoes insoles, Diabetic insole and Health leather belts, necklaces / bracelets, waist guard, knee guard, functional underwear, functional soap and functional socks, Diabetic socks,We are the company optimizing our national healthcare through balancing people and the nature to protect our society from diseases. Plus, Neotec is focusing the QC for our products with a manufacturing quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2000 for enhanced quality.

What is Alpharium?

Alpharium is obtained from natural minerals, volcanic rocks and other types of natural stones that are refined and processed in 1200-1600 Celsius for treat ments with far infrared rays and anion which are good for the human body.  The most beneficial infrared rays for the human body are 8-14 , and Alpharium is made from ceramic technology which radiates these rays through cutting edge scientific technology.

Alpharium contains various beneficial components for the human body such as Ca, Mg and SiO3. Through independent research and tests, we have proved that our products are very beneficial and unique for humans. Through  scientific proof, our products have successfully been patented.  We are producing the best products with the latest scientific technology and Alpharium.