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March 2008
Selected as an export business company by Small and Medium Business Administration and Related Organizations (in 2008)
July 2007
ISO 9001:2000 approved
July 2007
Exported shoes and insoles for diabetic patients, and functional necklaces to China
July 2007

Registered the trademark Neotec in China

April 2007

Selected as an export business company by Small and Medium Business Administration and Related Organizations (in 2007)

January 2007

Registered trademark ALPHARIUM in Japan

June 2006
JP patent: Advanced functional insoles, functional material, functional sponge
Applied patent: Functional material, functional EVA, high functional insoles registered trademark: Neotec Exported Alpharium functional material, high functional insoles, functional necklaces, bracelets to Japan
Developed and produced functional underwear and waist guard, applied patent registration for functional insoles and functional leather belts, registered trademark: Alpharium
Developed functional materials and functional socks, supplied functional materials to sports clothing company
Developed and produced functional necklaces/bracelets
Produced functional leather belts
Developed, produced and exported functional insoles to Japan and U.S.



July 2010
Busan Senior Expo 2010
June 2010
The 21th China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair
April 2010
The 5th Yiwu Souricing Fair Consumer Goods
January 2010

Fukuoka Venture & Big Market Exhibition

January 2010

24th International Autumn Trade Fair Exhibition

December 2009
2009 Busan invention& New Technology Exhibition
November 2009
2009 Busan International Smart Shoes& Parts Fair Exhibition
October 2009
2009 4th Korean main product expo in Harbin , China
September 2009
2009 Global Shoes Dusseldorf Exhibition
May 2009
2009 China Korea superior product exhibit in Shenyang
April 2009
2009 International Well-Being Integrated Medicine Expo Exhibition
October 2008
GFIR & GP Show 2008 Exhibition - KINTEX
October 2008

Expo Exhibition for Senior health & Lifestyle in Dalian, China

June 2008
The 6th Fukuoka International Gift Show Exhibition
May 2008
Korea-China environment friendly products expo in Simyang , China
December 2007
Korean main product expo in Harbin , China
November 2007
Pusan international shoes and leather exhibit
November 2007
Pusan product advertising and special sale expo
October 2007
6 th Hansang contest exhibit
October 2007
Hong Kong fashion Essex international expo
May 2007
Senior necessities expo in Kimhae
May 2007

Guangzhou international leather expo

April 2007
4 th Simyang Korea-China health products expo
April 2007
2007 Hong Kong house fair expo
November 2006
Thai health & beauty show 2006 international expo
October 2006
2006 Hong Kong Essex international expo
September 2006
2006 Korea Small and Medium Business Administration superior product exhibit
June 2006

Fukuoka international gift expo in Japan