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Bio Necklace(color) Necklace & Bracelet Ceramic M,L
Bio Necklace Necklace & Bracele handmade ceramic M,L

The human body consists of 60 trillion cells including nerves, muscles, blood vessels and internal organs. If the blood in the body becomes impure, various diseases can be easily generated in the body. The Alpharium necklace and bracelet facilitate the supply of oxygen in the body and improves blood stream by the changing blood elements. It promptly recovers the body, prevents aging of cells and activates the metabolism of the body.

If you suffer from headaches or have excessive stress and a crick in the shoulders, the Alpharium necklace and bracelet will keep the body healthy.


Effects on the human body

  1. Purifies blood and activates the cells and metabolism of the body
  2. Generates new vital power , reduces high blood pressure, i ncreases the body's immunity and improves insomnia
  3. Reduces pain and stress
  4. whitening effects, anti bacteria
  5. Anti-aging

The functional Alpharium necklace and bracelet are ceramic products based on advanced ceramic engineering techniques.

Blood test result before wearing
Alpharium necklace
Blood test result 1hr after wearing
Alpharium necklace