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• Patent-pending materials (for medical use) for the entire inside of the shoe to improve blood circulation and protect against injury.
• Protecting against foot disease (corn, hardened skin, ache), anti bacteria, anti warming, odor removal, etc.
• Unique design to minimize the area which touches the toes and to offer protection to the top of the foot.
• Superior ventilation, ergonomically design, sweat absorption and water discharge/ventilation.
• Balancing the whole body, distributing body weight, absorbing the impact
  (patent-pending insoles - optional use)


• Diabetic patients, people who have poor blood circulation.
• People who easily feel tired in the soles of their feet or on the top of their feet even after a short walk - People who have injuries or swollen legs/feet
• People who have athlete¡¯s foot or eczema, or experience odor from their feet
• People who need to stand on their feet all day for work - People who need to walk for long periods of time
• People who have a flat sole on their feet or who experience abnormal foot arches