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Shoes for diabetic patients

We made them the materials with the functional leather, insole and fabric Patent (Korea Patent No.: 2005-27745, 2006-0001204) (Japan Patent No. 2006-163233)

Shoes for diabetic patients are the special and powerful shoes to be developed which human's foot always keep up best and fresh standing with the human body engineering structure.

Feature and efficiency of shoes for diabetic
1. It protect from foot hurt and stimulates the circulation of the blood with the high-functional grade fabric(for medical treatment) with patent rights
2. Speed up metabolism, add the antifungal function, remove foot bad smell,
3. Designed to minimize to bring toes into contact with the insole surface
4. Developed to protect the top of the foot and has excellent air porousness and sweat suction with the human body engineering structure.
5. Help to keep human's body balance; diversify body weight (Used the high-functional insole with patent rights)

We recommend the health shoes to people who
A. Suffer from diabetes and needs to stimulate the circulation of the blood
B. Often feel fatigue on the top of the foot even though he/she walks just for a short time
C. Have pain or inflame on the foot.
D. Have bad foot smell or athletesí» foot or eczema
E. Work with standing all day.
F. Keep walking for a long time.
Because these shoes are made for diabetes patients, which are effective to the patients. Moreover, theses shoes are much better to the normal people who need the recovery from fatigue and want to keep ones health care.
G. Have the flatfoot or deformed foot arch
If you experience these shoes, you will be happy whenever you walk.