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Sketch Article No. Description Color Size

DS-01 Diabetic Socks

Black ,Ivory,
Dark gray,White

Womens, Mens

DS-02 Diabetic Socks

Black, Grey, White

Womens, Mens

DS-03 Anti-bacterial sports socks Black, Grey, White Womens, Mens
DS-04 Antibacterial snickers socks Black, Grey, White Womens, Mens
VS-01 Varicose vein support socks Black, White

Womens, Mens

NS-01 Nonslip socks Pink, Light purple, Orange, Beige Womens
NS-02 Nonslip socks Black, Dark grey, Grey Mens
SS-02 Sleeping socks

Pink, Light purple, yellow, Light blue

Womens, Mens


Socks are life necessities that we use everyday.
Alpharium socks have a powerful anti bacterial function (as much as 99.9%) and
offers a sterilizing effect for someone with bad foot odor or foot troubles,
especially those with diabetes.



•  Odor removal through sterilization and deodorization.
•  Comfortable condition and moisturizing effect
•  Protection against athlete's foot or eczema
•  Superior effects for feet of diabetic patients
•  Anti bacteria added which controls 99.9% of bacteria

Neotecí»s socks are the most effective items for feet management.

Sketch Article No. Description Material Size
Nonslip Health socks Cotton + Polyester + Nylon Womens, Mens

Non-slip socks are for older people and are user friendly. Non-slip socks are designed not to be slippery in any place, and are uniquely processed using cotton, the best material for foot comfort, and silicon, which is not harmful to the human body.


•  Anti slip texture using cotton and silicon
•  Foot odor is reduced/removed from added sterilization and deodorization
•  Moisturizes foot and enhances blood circulation
•  Recovery from foot aches and anti bacteria l protection
•  Softens hard or dried skin on the foot