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Sap Patch Foot Cleaning Wood vinegar,pearl ston,chetosan,Alpharium,Etc 10EA/Box

Refreshing and healthy feeling with an Alpharium foot cleansing sheet!
Alpharium foot cleansing sheet will get rid of waste and/or toxins in your body to help you lead a healthy life.


•  Removes waste and toxins in the body through the foot to improve overall health and
   keep the body lighter.
•  Enhances metabolism and cleanses the blood and improves blood flow.
•  Discharges waste in the body to reduce the aches and pains.
•  Refreshes and assists in the body recovering  from toxins stored, etc when the
   sheets are used regularly.

Who needs this?

•  People who feel heavy and get tired easily and quickly
•  People who suffer from aches in their arms, legs or shoulders
•  People who feel cold in their hands
•  Athletes, students, employees, wives, etc who experience lots of stress